Invest in yourself!

Become the best version of you with my personal development guide.


Take Small Steps To Change Your Life Forever

People give me excuses on why they can’t do things every day, but these are the reasons why they SHOULD take action to change their lives.

Success Comes When You Stay in Your Own Lane

Changing your life isn’t easy, but you can make it easier by staying in your own lane and focusing on doing what you’re awesome at.

Cut out the Junk & Set Yourself Free

Clutter is overwhelming & can be suffocating if it gets out of control. Check out this minimalism lesson I learned to live a happier life with less debt.

goal setting 2017

Know What Your Goals Are for 2017

Before you do ANYTHING, you have to know what your goals are or you’ll never get to where you want to be. Learn how to set goals that achieve themselves.

Building Confidence to Build Your Business

No one’s born confident and what you see when you meet a confident person is the result of years of accumulated experience.

get out of your comfort zone

Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

Having a shitty day? Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, do something that stretches you a little bit, and it’ll change your mindset.

Want more?

Check out the rest of my mindset articles.

Want more?

Check out the rest of my mindset articles.

Working with Coach Jimmy has taken my business to the next level. Jimmy challenges me daily to try and do new things that push me forward towards my goals. I am lucky to have mentors that support and recognize my accomplishments, which in turn makes me want to do achieve even more.

- Jacqueline R.

Learn from my mistakes

I wasn't always "Coach Jimmy". I was once 100lbs overweight, over $60,000 in debt with multiple maxed out credit cards, and living back at home with my parents in my 20s. Yeah, I was a loser with a capital L, but I didn't let my failures stop me from getting to where I wanted to be. Now I have a seven figure home-based business, I lost that 100lbs, and I'm living a life of my own making. How did I do it? By keeping the right mindset. Check out the tips and tricks that made it all possible in the guides below.

The Importance of Personal Development

I would not be where I am today if I didn't invest in myself through personal development. Push to the next level by improving yourself with my personal development guide.

Achieving Your goals

People just don't know where to start, so they never do. I'm here to tell you that you can literally accomplish anything and everything you want if you follow the tips in my goal setting guide. Check it out and change your life today!

Health & Fitness Books

Goal Setting Books

Motivational Books

Entrepreneurship Books

are you lacking motivation?

Do you have something that you know in your gut you were meant to do, but just can't get started? Over the next five days, I will arm you with the motivation you need to hit the goals you deserve. This is not your ordinary motivational rant or a bunch of useless rah-rah chatter. For five days, I’m going to give you the concrete things that you need to do to make this happen. You want results. You want motivation. I can help with that.


GET PAID TO help others


Do you have a passion for helping people hit their fitness goals? Do you want to earn some extra income? Are you ready to live a live of freedom? Learn how I built a seven figure business out of the comfort of my home. I open my playbook to you so you can see exactly how I did it. Take a peek.